Residential Property

If selling your home for the highest price in the shortest possible time is your goal, then you have found the right Agent. I am a market maker. I find the buyers. I don’t sit and pray that buyers find me. I advertise extensively on the web and through multiple MLS type sites.

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Investment Property

These properties are for the mom and pop investor. 1-4 Single family homes and 4 plex’s. Buy low sell high or buy and hold for rental returns. Any accommodation that id more than 4 units is not considered residential. The impact is that your appraisal will cost you approx. $3,000 instead of $350.

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Commercial Property

These properties are more for the casual investor who wants an hands off investment. Building like commercial condos. Suitable for Doctors, Attorneys, Dentists, etc. The advantages of a Professional Tenant as opposed to a Residential Tenant is that Rental Payments are never late.

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5 Steps to get ready to sell.

  1. The average price in your neighborhood may be a good place to get an idea of what your home is worth but that would just be leaving money on the table. A scientific comparative market analysis would be better. However; choosing an Agent who will fight for your money and is not afraid of saying no to low ball offers is the way to go. Choose me.
  2. Get your home inspected if your home need work It will cost a lot less for you to fix it than the discount that an agent will take off the offer when they get their inspection done. If your home is in good condition save the approx. $300.
  3. If your home has wear and tear from your kids painting it will get the biggest bang for your buck. Freshen up the trim, the shutters and the door.
  4. Clean the entry way. Seep or pressure hose the front walk way. Polish the outdoor metalwork if there is any. Clean the windows. Make them shine. Replace burnt out bulbs inside and out. Add planters with flower. Cut the lawn. New mulch, sharp edging , healthy lawn and beds of flowers.
  5.  Do not try to sell your home yourself you will leave approx. 18% on the table according to NAR. You need a buffer between you and the buyer. You need a strong negotiator. Me.


Next Steps…

Call me Dean Carpenter (214) 707-0324 and let’s get it sold. I will not bore you with a 2 hour listing presentation. I will sell your home. I will not discount my services, I am worth every penny, trust me.

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