13 Axioms to Boost Your Leadership

  1. Speed of the Leader, Speed of TeamAs the leader goes, so goes the team.  When followers wonder how committed they should be,  how joyful they should be about their work, how much credit they should give others, all they have to do is observe their leader
  2. The 4 C’sWhen building an effective team, consider the following qualities: Character, Chemistry, Competence & Culture.
  3. Get the Right People around the TableA team cannot be effective if the right people are not around the table.  If a bunch of smart people who Love God, love the church and love each other will devote adequate time to solving the problems of ministry, there is no mountain the team cannot conquer.
  4. Tunnel of Chaos–  The transition from “pseudo community”(people sharing everything but the final 2%) to” genuine community”(full transparency) cannot happen without a little chaos.
  5. Disagreeing without Drawing Blood When we quarrel(and we will), we will not do the kinds of things that will damage this relationship long term.
  6. Real-Time CoachingRather than wait for a formal evaluation, provide coaching right there on the spot.  The long term pay-offs are hard to beat.
  7. Sweat the Small StuffSmall stuff does matter.  No matter who you are.  Now matter how busy you are and how many people you lead.
  8. Did We Do Any Learning?What does a leader do when an initiative he or she is leading fails? Ask the simple question: “Did we do any learning?”.  The possibility of honest dialogue is opened up.  This can lead to coaching moments and future growth.
  9. Never Beat the SheepIf your sheep aren’t responding the way you think they should, put down your stick and ask a few questions first.  See if you served them well, because when they are served well, they tend to serve well in return.
  10. Read ALL You CanLeaders have the responsibility before God to constantly get better.  One of the most reliable ways to do so is to read.
  11. Arrive Early or Not at All- Jesus said “Let your yes be yes and your no be no.”  Anyone can give a valid reason for being late. But it takes grace and relational intelligence to keep that reason at bay until you’ve first let group members know that their feelings rank higher than their justification.
  12. Excellence Honors God and Inspires PeopleLeaders in every arena possess an internal quality control mechanism, a longing for excellence that won’t let them off the hook.  We must fight for excellence because it is excellence that honors God and inspires people.
  13. Admit Mistakes and Your Stock Goes UpDon’t fall for the “hide it and they will never know” syndrome.  When something goes wrong, take responsibility for it.  That is the leader people will respect and follow.