Beware the 3 Spirits

Kohra uses position to influence bring division between leadership and pastors. Ambition walks on two legs Envy and Pride

Absolom uses pleasant platitudes compliments draws them to himself. Charm and subtle criticisms without being openly confrontational
Jezebel Sexual seducing, seeking position and power. Fights against authority. Attacks Church leadership.
Korah Spirit – Uses influence to seduce – Solution be content to wholeheartedly serve God where He has currently placed us. A subordinate leader who has tasted success. He is discontent that he does not have more power and envies those above him Ambition walks on 2 legs – envy and pride
Absalom Spirit – Solution submit yourself and talents to the church leaders. Not openly confrontational Uses charm and subtle criticisms of the king to steal away the hearts of men
Jezebel Spirit – Solution humility and trust in the lord
Fights against authority Disable spiritual authority of pastoral leadership. Attacks in the form of sexual temptation Confusion or prophetic manipulation