14 Ways to Praise the Lord 1

1. Praise which can be heard.
   (Psa 66:8,17)(Acts 16:25)(Psa 98:4)
2. Praise the Lord with Shouting.
   (Psa 47:1)(Psa 35:27)(Psa 95:1)
3. Praise Him with Singing.
   (Psa 47:6)
4. Praise the Lord with Thanksgiving.
   (Psa 69:30)(Psa 50:23)(Jonah 2:9)(Eph 5:18-20)
5. Praise God with a joyful noise.
   (Psa 66:1-2)(Psa 95:1)
6. Praise Him with crying out.
   (Isa 12:6)(Psa 89:26)
7. Praise the Lord with Laughter.
   (Psa 126:2)
8. Praise with musical instruments.
   (Psa 33:2)(Psa 57:8)(Psa 150)
9. Praise God by bowing and kneeling before Him.
   (Psa 95:6)(Eph 3:14)(Phil 2:10-11)
10. Praise Him by falling prostrate before Him.
    (Neh 8:6)
11. Praise Him with clapping hands.
    (Psa 47:1)(Psa 98:8)
12. Praise Him with uplifted hands.
    (Psa 63:4)(Psa 134:2)(Psa 141:2)
13. Praise God with the dance.
    (Psa 30:11)(2 Sam 6:14)(Psa 149:3)(Psa 150:4)
14. Praise the Lord with tongues.
    (Acts 10:46)(1 Cor 14:16-17)
So in summary let everything that hath breath praise the Lord! If you can go crazy about your team but can express yourself openly before the Lord there is a relationship issue. It says more about your pride and how you thing other people perceive you than victorious worship before the Lord.

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