The Anointing 1

THE SPIRIT “COMES ON” MEN. (Clothes men)

15 Examples of Anointing the Spirit:
a) Moses (Num. 11:17,25)
b) 70 Elders (Num. 11:25-26)
c) Balaam (Num. 24:8)
d) Othaniel (3:10)
e) Gideon (6:34)
f) Jephthar (11:29)
g) Samson (14:6,19 and 15:14)
h) Saul (1 Sam 10:6,10 and 11:6,19,23)
i) David (1 Sam 16:13)
j) Sauls messengers (1 Sam 19:20)
k) Elisha (2 Kings 2:9-15)
l) Amasaia
m) Zacharia (2 Chr 24:30)
n) Azariah (2 Chr 15:1)
o) Messiah (Isa 11:2, 42:1, 61:1, Mark 3:16, Luk 4:18)
(a) Gideon:- The Spirit of the Lord clothed Gideon with Himself
and took possession of him

Note: Gideon had to be clothed and possessed by the Spirit of the Lord (Holy Spirit) because he was very negative and weak in his Faith that God was for him and able to do what He said He would.
i) He looked at natural circumstances and not to God. (Verse 15,16)
ii) He asked for a sign and when he received it he knew that he had done wrong by acting in the flesh, but he did not know God as his friend and Father, but as a Go to be fearful of and thought that now would surely die. (Verse 22).
iii) Gideon then tested Gods ability by putting out a fleece, to see if he would do what He said He was able to do. Thus by being clothed in the Holy Spirit filled in all the Holes in his life.
e.g. Sampson (Judges 14:16)
Saul (1 Samuel 10:6)
David (1 Samuel 16:13)You must allow the Holy Spirit to come on you mightily (attack you)
Sampson tore the lean in half bear (handed under this anointing. Saul spoke as the oracles of God (under inspiration). David sang to Saul and drove off evil spirit under
this anointing. This happens only at specific times.

This is an endowment for the time being, for that occasion. You must ask for it. e.g. If you are asked to do something beyond your own capabilities, then the Holy Spirit gives you the ability for the occasion. Moses (Numbers 11:25)

E.g. The Seventy Elders (Numbers 11:25)
Elisha (2 Kings 2:15)
The Messiah (Isaiah 11:2)
Note: The dove descending on the Messiah. It is restful and you must determine to rest in it. Allow the Holy Spirit to take over, enter into the promised peace. (Isaiah 57:2).
Results: The Spirit of wisdom and understanding. The Spirit of counsel and might.
The Spirit of knowledge and of the reverential and obedient fear of the Lord.


This anointing causes you to move, to step, walk or do something. You must go with it. It changes you on the inside. It can cause you to shake, as when people are filled with the Holy Spirit, and do not receive the infilling.

Note:- The Spirit moves first, then God speaks, then we should act accordingly. (Gen 1:2-4)

E.g. Ezekiel 2:2 This anointing can make you do things supernaturally. I.e. It made
Ezekiel stand up, but it can also make men fall under the anointing as seen in some churches. It can also transport you as it did to Philip when he joined himself to the chariot of the Eunuch.

THE SPIRIT “IS IN” MEN: Long term anointing).
E.g. Joshua Joseph Daniel The Prophets
This anointing is the same as the believer receives when he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It is always with him, and there is always an anointing whether you feel it or not. You must be a man after Gods own heart for these anointings to operate in
your life. The anointing will leave you if you become a man after your own heart.
e.g.: David was a man after Gods own heart, and although he committed adultery and murder, he had Gods free Spirit on him. But Saul who had been seeking after his own heart, although he did nothing worse, had the Spirit of God taken from him. David desired Gods free Spirit. (Psalm 51:12).

Note:- We receive Gods free Spirit at Salvation.  

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