Leadership Expectations

  1. Be All In – An all-in leader desires to align with and lead others toward One’s Values:
  • See Our Values
  1. Embody Self Leadership – When embodying self-leadership, a leader will:
  • Learn the culture of One Community Church
    ·        Be an apprentice
    ·        Complete the partnership (membership) class
    ·        Graduate from Leadership College
    ·        Arrive early to serve with anticipation and excitement
    ·        Fully participate in the ministries of ONE
  1. Cultivate Healthy Hearts – A leader that cultivates their heart health will:
  • Spend time studying and meditating on the Gospel
    ·        Offer grace to and accept grace from others
    ·        Be teachable and open to counsel and instruction
    ·        Seek peace in their relationships
    ·        Pursue love for Christ and others above all else
    ·        Maintain stewardship of their time and resources
  1. Passionately Pursue Unity – Leaders at ONE avoid:
  • The Korah spirit of envy and pride by being content to serve where God has currently placed us.
  • The Absalom spirit of grumbling and subtle criticism by repenting from pride and submitting to the church leaders.
  • The Jezebel spirit of fighting authority, division and control by practicing  humility and trusting in God.
  1. Be Driven By God’s Spirit – A leader driven by God’s Spirit will:
  • Place the focus on Christ instead of themselves
    ·        Rely on God’s strength
    ·        Have genuine interactions with others
    ·        Always seek understanding when communicating
    ·        Bring light to others lives
  1. Live Faithfully – A leader who lives Faithfully will:
  • Respond obediently to God’s desires for their life
    ·        Constantly pursue spiritual growth through daily prayer and Bible reading
    ·        Consistently share with others about Christ
    ·        Be reliable in service to God
  1. Develop Disciples – A disciple-making disciple will:
  • Live in authentic community with those they lead
  • Strategically pour into their apprentice over time
  • Pray for those they lead
  • Guide others in following Christ