Profiles of a leader – 4 faces of man 2

1. The Personality of Gods Leaders:

(2 Sam 7:8) Thus saith the Lord of hosts, “I took thee from the sheepcote, from the following the sheep to be ruler over my people.”

The Advocacy of Gods Leaders:
Gods three major tools throughout the Bible are, His Spirit, His Word and His man. In Genesis, The Spirit prepared, the Word produced, and the man presented. (Isa 59:16) After the fall God could not find a man to stand in the gap as an intercessors, so Jesus was sent to do the follow up work of the Spirit and His word. (Isa 59:21) God has limited the operation of His Spirit and Word by channeling them through¬†redeemed persons. (2 Cor 5:20) God had no ambassador through whom He could transact business with mankind. (Duet 5:25-27) Israel rejected the audible voice of God, so God established representation for them through Moses and the Priesthood. God has always had an Earthly delegate to communicate on His behalf. (Isa 55:4) Gods Leaders are defined as, “a witness, a Leader, a commander.”

i) (Acts 1:8) The primary responsibility of a witness is to report honestly what he has seen, heard or experienced, hence Jesus said, “Ye shall be witnesses unto me.”

NB!! Many men choose to enter the ministry for a variety of reasons, but God has not called them or qualified them to be witnesses. They have never seen a burning bush like Moses did, or the Divine Voice as Samuel did, or on the Mountain with God like Elijah. They have the written record of Gods word, but it never burned within them like a fire as it did with Jeremiah. They have never experienced Isaiah’s transport into heaven to see the Lord high and lifted up and to hear the antiphonal chanting of the seraphim telling of the holiness of the living God. They are perpetually limited to sharing the testimonies of others, and can never say, “Thus saith the Lord,” with any authority for they have neither seen nor heard enough to be faithful witness. These may be persons of great zeal, and often they endure hardships for the sake of their ministries but we do well to remember that although Saul of Tarsus was a man of great zeal for the sake of
his personal ministry.

John began his first epistle by saying, “That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of Life; that which we have seen and heard declare we unto you. (1 John 1:13) The word must become Flesh to us, we must know God in an experiential way or our witness will not be valid.

ii) The second responsibility of a divine agent is to be a leader. He must lead with His life and not merely with his lips. Just as Jesus is the Good Shepard. (John 10:11)

Moses was a faithful
witness to Pharaoh and to Israel, but it was not until he became a leader that the Hebrew slaves were delivered from bondage and restored to their rightful positions as sons of God. Gods agents must learn leadership.

NOTE: Thus the local body of believers are lead by the Holy Spirit; preparing them for the work of the ministry. The word who is Jesus Christ the Head of the body produces in us the works of the Holy Spirit. The Pastor and the 5 fold ministry, perfects and preserves the flock to full maturity in the Lord Jesus Christ. (Eph 4:11-12).

iii. Isaiah suggests that a third responsibility of one God chooses to guide His people is to be a “commander”. When a word is communicated from God to the people through His leaders, it is a command, not a suggestion, for, “Where the word of a King is, there is power.” (Eze 8:4)

Moses commanded. (Duet 33:4)
Jesus commanded. (Math 14:19 28:19)
Paul commanded. (1 Thess 4:11)

NB!! We command not because we are Gods Leaders, but because we have heard a command and pass it on. The command does not originate with us, it is transmitted through us. This then shows that the leader does not do all the work, but that he gets everyone involved. He must delegate true authority as the Spirit wills.

2. The Acquisition of Gods Leaders:
God acquires His leaders from the “Available Ones.” God does not have a draft; He depends upon volunteers. God does not call lazy, inactive people to do divine service.

e.g. Moses and David were active shepherds. Daniel and Nehemiah were both busy in government service. Isaiah was tutor of Kings. Ezekiel was a busy Priest.¬†Each of the disciples of the Lord choosing, were busy pursuing his occupation at the time of Christ’s call.

NB!! A leader needs to be a self-motivated, a good self-starter, a self-disciplined person. These traits must appear very early in his life. They can be developed and honed to a fine edge long before divine revelation comes. Unfortunately, not all available persons have the stitch ability that is required to be a leader for God. God does not hire by the hour, He contracts for life. (Luke 9:62) Any man having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is not fit for the Kingdom of God.

Business and the Ministry do not mix well. (Math 6:24) No man can serve two masters. Although Paul made tents to support his ministry, he did not pursue the tent making profession and preach on the side. Note that even while he was making tents, his aprons were in great demand, for the healing power that saturated them.

3. The Appearance of Gods Leaders
Found under the Book of Ezekiel as
the Man,
the OX,
the Lion,
the Eagle.

4. The Allegiance of Gods Leaders:
It should be self evident that the allegiance of Gods leaders is unto God Himself. It is dangerously easy for a leader to think of himself as his followers speak of him, believing he is indeed a deliverer a protector, a provider, a counselor, and even a Saviour as the people say he is. Originally he came to that people as a servant and messenger of the One who bears all those titles and fills all these roles to mankind. Thus when a leader mentally becomes what people proclaim him to be, he serves the people, not the living God, for they, not God, are now his creator, and as such they exert a strong control over him, demanding that their needs be met on a continuing basis.

NB!! Prayer, praise, worship, Bible study, preaching, teaching, and directing can either be done as part of our ministry unto God, or it can be viewed entirely as a ministry unto people. God desires that these acts of worship be motivated completely by our eagerness to minister unto the Lord.

To Minister unto the Lord:
1. Praise (Psalm 100:4)
2. Faith (Heb 11:6)
3. Love (Gal 5:6)

5. Accepting Gods Leader as an Eagle:
The Eagle most graphically portrays the part of the leader that contract God. He uses no effort to up on a thermal updraft and out of sight. He just spreads his wings to full spread, relax and lock them in. (Eze 44:18) They shall (the priests) not gist themselves with anything that causeth sweat. Worshipping God is to be a no sweat operation. (Isa 40:31) Wait upon the Lord, don’t go flapping around. Leaders must first learn to soar into Gods presence as individuals, for until we know how to minister unto God we cannot know how to minister unto Gods people. Thus an Eagle ascends God ward without great effort and enjoys the presence of God in most relaxed manner.

6. Accepting Gods Leader as an Ox:
The Ox speaks of work, not food, for it was fatted calf, not the ox, that was dressed for the table. (2 Cor 6:1) Workers together with Christ. (1 Cor 3:9) Laborers together with God. Leadership is work! We have not been called to be ascetics or recluses but to be workers.

There are 3 (three) Levels of Service:
1. Begin by learning to be workers (for) God. Obedience.
2. Learn to minister (with) God.
[a] His yolk.
[b] To be partner with God.
[c] Move when He moves.
3. Learn to minister (unto) God.

7. Accepting Gods Leader as a Lion:
This donates Kingship, authority, strength and power. God needs a man through whom He can roar. (Amos 1:2) When God roars it terrorizes His enemies. (Hos 1:10) It shakes the Earth. (Joel 3:16) and it wreaks havoc even on Gods people. (Amos 1:2) Amazingly God chooses to roar through His man – His leader. The roar of the Lion can restore order into many congregations i.e. “Thus saith the Lord !” (Hosea 5:14) The word of God put into the mouth of His servants not only becomes the roar of the lion; it also tears and vends like the powerful paws of the lion. (Hos 6:1-2) Those who will not hear must learn to heal, for Gods warnings are never idle threats. The Lion speaks not only of threats; it speaks of strength. (Rev 5:5) The Lord Jesus is turned, “The Lion of the tribe of Judah.” He brings discipline into the church.

8. Accepting Gods Leader as a Man:
The Man Nature is active all the time. The 3 (three) other Natures can only function by the beckoning of God, and unless they are divinely energized they are impotent and inactive. (Ezek 1:5) The Living creatures did not only have the face of a man, but, “They had the likeness of a man.” (Heb 1:1-2) God Himself became a Man, for it is here that ones Authority on the Earth lies. We need to remind ourselves repeatedly that the will of God is that we be people. That is why we were born as persons. When God is not using His leader, he remains a man, still a person.

Notice though, that temptation come to the man, not to the Lion, The Eagle, or the Ox.
The man undergoes constant temptation, being enticed to use his supernatural commitments for temporal gain and personal gratification as was Jesus by the Devil.

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  • Monna Lee Miller

    I am thrilled to have the privilege to see your blog and posts. The depth of God’s Word that courses through your veins, heart and mind are worthy to be shared for they are God’s gift to you. Thank you for sharing in a bold and enlightening manner. You are God’s vibrant mouthpiece…Continue to compassionately sound it consistently and loudly as God gives you utterance.
    Thanking the Lord for your obedience to share all He has placed in you and upon you. God’s Richest Blessings be upon you and yours now and forever more.

    • admin Post author

      We are attending One Community Church in Plano. Pastor Dr. Conway Edwards (Spiritual father – Dr. Tony Evans).

      For Easter we are pioneering a satellite church in prosper. Would you like to help us establish it?
      I am hoping this opens a door for me to begin ministering. “It is time”. Long over due. I have been faithful to go through leadership college at One Community Church and looking at being re-ordained.