Servant Leader 3

Well 63 of us graduated New Years eve from Leadership College. We donned our Servant leader aprons.


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3 thoughts on “Servant Leader

  • Edwin

    Hi. This looks like something that is needed in order to get leadership that can serve effectively. Is there a possibility that I can get some more information on it.

    • admin Post author

      My Bible Study Website (link below) has the following information available that we use at One Community Church in Plano. This information has been given freely by our pastor Dr. Conway Edwards (Spiritual father – Dr. Tony Evans).

      1. Our Purpose (Why do we exist?)
      2. Our Values (How do we behave?)
      3. Our Picture of a healthy Christian
      4. Leadership Expectations
      5. 13 Axioms to Boost Your Leadership
      6. 14 Axioms to Raise Your Leadership Level
      7. The ultimate test of leadership:
      8. 5 Faith Catalysts
      9. Beware the 3 Spirits
      10. 5 Levels of Leadership
      11.‚Äč Understanding Leadership Solving Problems