7 Steps to Demon Possession 1

  1. Regression – Backsliding (It is a battle against a person’s God given abilities of release & expression
  1. Repression – Restrained (To take away God given expression of joy or gladness)
  1. Suppression – Squeezing down (People who lack energy and enthusiasm.  Change your environment)
  1. Depression – Pressing down (A broken spirit.  Crushed spirit.  Bringing inactivity)
  1. Oppression – Crushing blow (Weigh down with something.  I.e.  Fear, Worry in the mind.)
  1. Obsession – Fixed Idea (Outside help is needed.  Black becomes white. Can come through jealousy
  1. Possession – Inhabited, Controlled (Having no sward of his own.)

Demons are ageless, they are personalities.  As fallen Spirits they desire to dwell in a body in order to manifest themselves.  Paul warned us the organized power of demons in (Eph 6:12).


(Math 15:22-28) The Faith of the Canaanite woman who’s daughter was demons possessed. Jesus gave the power to the disciples to do likewise.  (Math 10:1) (Luke 9:1)


Demons name themselves (Mark 8:9) They are liars (Math 12:45).

They vary in power (Mark 9:29). They know them that cast them out (Acts 19:15) They believe and tremble. (James 2:19) They will power (Math 12:44). They oppose the Saints and have doctrines (Rom 8:38) (1 Tim 4:1). They abide not in the truth. (John 8:44)

NB!! Their doom (Math 25:41) Their Nature (Luke 4:33) (Luke 6:18)

Expulsion from human beings (Luke 9:42) Place of dwelling (Luke 8:27-33)


Their dwelling place (Rev 9:11)

Activity (Rev 16:14)

Existence (Rev 9:20)


  1. (1 Tim 4:1) Seducing Spirits – get people to depart from the truth.
  2. (Math 8:28-29) Demon possession – controlled by Satan in every fiber of his being
  3. (Math 12:22) Blind and dumb spirits – partial possession
  4. (Math 15:22) Tormenting Spirits – Turmoil, confusion
  5. (Luke 9:39,42) Unclean Spirits – foaming, screaming. Falling different voices (Mark 1:26)
  6. (2 Cor 11:14) An Angel of light – Satan is a deceiver. Check out all your visions, dreams, revelations, voices; Satan wants to be worshiped.
  7. (1 John 4:1-3) Try out the Spirits – Satan will declare to you that he is God.
  8. (Job 2:7) Sickness – there is a close relationship between sickness and evil spirits. (Acts 10:38  19:12)
  9. (Gen 3:4)(John 8:44) Lying Spirits – Satan is the Father of all lies
  10. (Luke 13:16) Stiffness – arthritis – it can enter through the Family line.  It is caused by critical Spirit, worry, hate, rebellion.
  11. (Rev 16:14) Miracles – Spiritualism – NOTE: Moses and the rod, walking on hot coals, table walking, bodies floating. (levitation)
  12. (Rev 12:9/20:8,10) Deception – many people are deceived by Satanic influence and do not know it.
1. Principalities: Chief rulers of beings of the highest rand and order in Satan’s
   Kingdom (Eph 1:21)(Col 2:10)
2. Authorities: Those who derive their power from and execute the will of the Chief
   Rulers. (Eph 1:21)(Col 2:10)
3. World Rulers: Of the darkness of this age, the Spirit world – rulers.
   (Dan 10:13-21) (Eph 1:21) (Col 1:16-18)
4. Spiritual Wickedness: That of the wicked Spirits of Satan in the heavenlies.
   (Eph 1:21)(Col 1:16-18)

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One thought on “7 Steps to Demon Possession

  • Cynthia Reed

    need help, and mother of youngest son says he is demon harassed (says he knows others will think he is crazy, and won’t understand)..He says that it is strong. Recently it manifest through him at me (mother). He is 26 years old, and history of illness (chronic). He said he has tried to fight it with God to no avail. I needed to fast, and intervene- but have failed.I do not think I am equipped to confront it. Jesus told the disciples, “These kind can only be dealt with, with fasting, and prayer”. I feel fear- knowing I should not. [email protected]