What is a Soldier worth?

You don’t know what a soldier is worth until he goes to battle. Having been single most of my life I did not have to deal with much confrontation that could not be handled swiftly or avoided altogether. Marriage takes you to a war zone. I used to pray for wisdom, revelation knowledge and understanding, now I pray that I walk in love. Both these prayers have consequences. The first one people would seek me out for council and direction, but the second one tests your limits, all the dross surfaces in the face of adversity. The challenge is to embrace these challenges knowing that joy always comes in the morning.

So you want to walk in love? Here is what you can expect. Those closes to you will challenge your every move and statement. You will feel like they are the enemy. Whom am I talking about? Your spouse, kids, extended family and don’t forget all the NICE people at Church. A righteous man shall fall seven times but he will get up. Like riding a bicycle it takes a bit of engineering.
So how do you walk in love? The example Jesus gave us was to lay down your life and prefer the other person above yourself. Greater love has no man than to lay down his life for his brother. What does that mean? Crucify the flesh. As a friend of mine once told me he would get up in the morning with a crowbar and beat the flesh to death.

Someone punches your button, how do you respond? How? With the Word of God walking by Faith. Pull those scriptures to mind, let the sanctification of your soul take place. You can’t do this in the flesh. You have got to allow the Holy Spirit to lead you and guide you into the truth. Grace and truth are not what is needed in these situations. Love covers a multitude of sin. These 3 things shall remain, Faith, Hope and love, the greatest of these is love.

Results? Anybody? There is a reason the Bible says put on the garment of Faith for the Spirit of heaviness. It is a life application. It never will come naturally like a habit. Why, because Faith requires intimate personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ? This is how we more than overcome by walking with God in the cool of the day.

Anyone up for the challenge? Pray for love and watch the opportunities for battle arise out of nowhere. Then praise God that you were found worthy for the Battle. Remember the Battle is the Lords and the victory is yours.

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