Our Values (How do we behave?)

Biblical Authority- We believe that the Bible is our instruction book from God.  Anytime we try to operate parts of our lives outside of the authority of Scripture, we lose freedom.  We demonstrate hope to those outside the church as they watch us live under the authority of Scripture.

Intimacy with God- When we try to be religious, we tend not to be respectful and polite.  If this is our routine with God, it will not encourage intimacy with Him.  Intimacy in any relationship requires (1) unrushed time, (2) transparency with our feelings and (3) mutual submission.

Missional Living- Relational evangelism is investing in a friend for the sake of eternity and then inviting that friend to a safe environment where the gospel is heard.  As long as we are investing in others, our hearts will stay in the right place.

Authentic Community- Small groups are where people come together on a regular basis to do “life on life”.  This allows us to genuinely connect with others while being encouraged and challenged in our relationship with God.  Being involved in a small group is the simplest way ti impact and influence people directly for Christ.

Strategic Service– We will apply our hearts and hands to the place of greatest demand.  In order to create excellent environments conducive to life change, everyone needs to find a place to serve.

Intentional Apprenticing– Success is succession.  For us to be the church that God has called us to be, we must be apprenticing the next generation of leaders.  In order to replicate ourselves, we need to pass on the knowledge we have to others.

Apprenticeship Process

·        I Do—You Watch—We Talk

·        I Do—You Help—We Talk

·        You Do—I Help—We Talk

·        You Do—I Watch—We Talk

·        You Do—Someone Else Watches

Relevant Environments– Our desire is to create relevant environments for children and adults.  We must determine how to use culture to communicate what to say.  We must learn how to use a bridge relationally  to turn the light on spiritually.