A River not a Dam!

Churches have become dams not rivers. The idea in scripture is to let it flow out of you. If a Church will not recognize the 5 fold ministry it becomes a dam. Ministries can’t flourish and function. What can an Apostle, Prophet or Evangelist do sitting in a Church. Church growth is now all about pleasing the world not the Lord. It’s about the music, the environment etc. I wonder how many Bible believing people would have got saved under this new doctrine.  We are now dependent on each other not the Word of God.

We put on a glorious show, but God does not turn up. We leave the same way we came, sick, depressed, down trodden etc. To the person who is blind, deaf, lame or is beset by a demon there is no solution. Prayers have become week and ineffective. More of a prayer and a hope so. If you love your flesh you are in for a treat. Lessons on how to deal with your issues without God.

The net results are Mega Churches with fence siting members. If you are called and are passionate about the Lord you are considered a loose cannon. But when the chips are down they come and find you because you always seem to have the answer’s. Well of course you do, you are tied by an umbilical cord to the Lord.

No more praying for the power of the Lord to come down. Put Him in a bottle like a Genie. Make everything controlled and proper.

A  couple of scriptures come to min.

  • Be hot or cold but not lukewarm unless you want to be spewed out of His mouth. Revelation 3:16
  • The 10 virgins. 5 Wise and 5 foolish.  Mathew 25:1 They went out to meet the bridegroom.

So what to do about it?

  • Stop relying of the Pastors they are not God. Some act like they are.
  • Stop relying on the world for solutions.
  • Invest in your intimate relationship with the Lord.
  • Discover who He is both in His Word and through your deeds.

In short, GET A LIFE!





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