Is God an Ego Maniac?

Is God an Ego Maniac?

If God says Worship me, give me all the Glory, what is he saying? If Satan says the same thing, what does it mean? To Church people they all say that’s what you are supposed to do? Our pastors tell us to? But to an Agnostic and unbeliever would they not declare that God is an Ego Maniac?
Let’s consider the source making the declaration. God says I love you and have died for you. Satan says I have come to kill, rob and destroy.
God says you are joint heirs seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus. God walked in the Garden of Eden with man not lording over him. God calls us friend, sons and daughters.

What does the word worship mean?

  1. The Dictionary defines worship – the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity, used in addressing or referring to an important or high-ranking.
  2. The Bible defines worship as a lifestyle. So is God saying, “I want to walk with you in the cool of the day having intimate relationship with you through our lifestyle / worship”? Satan is definitely stating, “Bow down before me, worship ME”. No co-equal here.

What about Glory?

God wants all the Glory and so does Satan?

  1. The Dictionary defines glory – worshipful praise, honor, and thanksgiving which is exactly what Satan wants.
  2. The Bible states that the only way to please God is by Faith and through actions of Faith God receives all the Glory. Why? Because the substance of our Faith must be Jesus Christ. So once again we see God partnering with man so as to have intimate relationship with Him.

It is obvious that God is seeking intimate relationship with man and these methods (Worshiping God and giving Glory to God) are vehicles to achieve this outcome. If it were not so, why would he offer up Himself as a Sacrifice for our sin? Go has given all of Himself to us so that we can reciprocate. Satan on the other hand wants to take everything from us so as to Lord over us.

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